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  • “ Innovation is always in the forefront of my day.  My commitment to our customers is to help them find ways to do their jobs more efficiently. ”
    Tracey Fiereck, Manager of Administrative Services
  • “ I truly enjoy working with our Payroll and HR customers to help them find good and efficient solutions to their problems and challenges.
    LuAnn Loxtercamp, SMART Support Specialist
  • “ I really enjoy working with our customers to find solutions that help them be more effective in their jobs.
    Nancy Ramler, Chief Financial Officer
  • “ Solving problems is my main focus.  I enjoy training SMART users, helping to work through their concerns and providing accounting services.
    Judy Clare, SMART Support Specialist
  • " There’s never an identical day at work:  each day may bring new challenges or problems to solve, new ideas and ways to improve system processes, new people to train or meet, and that’s what I love about giving customer support. "
    Sue J Anderson, SMART Support Specialist
  • " Getting together with a customer, in a meeting or on the phone and helping them solve their problem; that is what I enjoy the most. And let’s not forget the chocolate cake. "
    Mary Jo Wager, SMART Support Specialist
  • “Everyone’s time is essential to being effective and successful at their jobs.  My obligation to our customers is to help get back valuable time by utilizing TimeClock Plus software to track hours worked, overtime, time-off requests and more.”
    Christine Anderson, TimeClock Plus Support
  • " I am constantly inspired by the knowledge that our non-profit services allows more funding to go toward children’s educational opportunities. "
    Solara An, MARSS Coordinator
  • " I really enjoy working with charter schools; they provide a unique and safe learning environment for children. "
    Shari Mueller, Charter School Payroll Specialist

The Administrative Solutions Group has been training, supporting and consulting with MN K-12 Schools and Charter Schools for over 30 years.

Our team members work closely with a School's office staff in accounting, management, payroll, UFARS, MARSS, STARS and provide SMART systems software support.

We listen to our customers questions and concerns, and assist them in finding solutions that fit their District’s needs.

"Upsala Area Schools have had (CMERDC) as a shared Accountant  since 1972. The knowledge and the assistance they give in all of the areas is spectacular.  When we call for service, the response time is always quick."  - Colleen Harren, Upsala Pubic Schools

  • Your Administrative Services Team
  • Smart Systems
    Educational Finance and Human Resource software designed by education for education.

    SMART Systems is currently used by nearly 300 K-12 School Districts, Special Education Coops, Service Coops and Charter Schools.

    SMART Systems is a State approved financial system, which will assist you in meeting all your mandatory reporting requirements, UFARS, MN TRA, MN PERA, STAR, Unemployment, Workers Comp and many more….

    SMART Systems also provides an Employee Self Service (SMARTeR) module. Which gives employees access to their paychecks, leave activity and balances, flexible benefit information, w-2s, online purchase order and more….

    SMART Systems Support Link HERE
    SMART Finance Help Desk (320) 202-1941
    SMART HR Help Desk (320) 202-1940
    SMART Support E-mail Address ufars01@erdc.k12.mn.us
  • UFARS Support
    Don’t know how to code that new building project? We can help you!

    Uniform Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards or better known as UFARS are the standards in which Minnesota school districts, charter school's, cooperative districts, and area learning centers must use for financial reporting.

    cmERDC’s Administrative Solutions Team will provide you with the most up to date information regarding changes to reporting.

    Annually cmERDC, in partnership with the other SMART Regions around the state, produce a year end accounting manual. As part of or UFARS support service you will have access to that manual. cmERDC will also assist you with submissions of your UFARS files. As well as answer any questions you might have regarding proper coding within the standards.

    For more information please contact Tracey Fiereck     
  • MARSS Support
    The key to funding. Accurate student reporting. cmERDC can help.

    The Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System (MARSS) collects data from all districts which is used by a variety of departments within the Minnesota Department of Education and and Federal offices for funding and demographic information.

    When you are a member district, we provide advice on correct coding, making sure you have reported all of your students correctly, sending applicable reports, and ensure that your data is submitted to MDE on time and error free by the final submission. We offer two main trainings each year; Fall and EOY. We also offer trainings as new MARSS procedures or fields are added aside from FALL & EOY training timelines.

    With the many procedures and data items required for MARSS and all of the changes that legislation adds or makes changes to, we attend the trainings and teleconferences to assist in keeping our districts informed, up to date, and trained as needed.

    For more information please contact Tracey Fiereck     
  • MN K-12 Accounting Services (Shared Accountant)
    Hate coding property taxes?? Well, we love it!

    cmERDC has been providing Accounting Services to Central MN Schools for 30 years. Our staff is well trained in financial accounting and will provide you with accounting assistance at a reasonable cost.

    Monthly bank reconciliations
    IDEAS and SERVS receipt coding and entry in SMART
    Revenue budgeting
    Cash flow assistance
    Levy revenue recognition
    Reconciliation of balance sheet accounts including 215 accounts
    Tax receipt coding
    Fixed asset updates
    Fiscal year-end cleanup and closing
    For more information please contact Tracey Fiereck     
  • Charter School Administrative Services
    Helping Charter Schools manage their finances since 2006.

    Onsite or over the phone, we help keep your books organized.

    Help with financial management reporting
    Year end audit assistance
    Payroll and Human Resources

    Learn more      
    For more information please contact Tracey Fiereck     
  • Comprehensive Time & Attendance Package

    A simple yet comprehensive time and attendance software package that automates your business processes. TimeClock Plus interfaces with SMART with local product implementation, training, hosting and support provided by cmERDC.

    Learn more      
    For more information please contact Peter Eigen     
  • What Our Customers are Saying

    “Thanks for all you do for us at Isle School Dist. It would be hard to keep up with all the new MARSS and old MARSS without your expert advice.” - Glenna Zortman, Isle Public Schools

    “Our school district has used the services of the shared accountant for over 30 years. We have always appreciated the expertise they bring, especially at year end. I would recommend them to any school especially those that might be short staffed and need the extra eyes catching things I may have missed. “- Kathy Nelson, Finance Manager - Mora Public Schools

    “I would love to go on record saying that the Smart Software is very user friendly and great to work with. But most importantly, the support you receive when you have questions is awesome. I know that I can always get help or support. It makes a difference, especially when you're in a time crunch.” - Carol Weber, Princeton Public Schools

    “I would like to say that the many years I have been working on the Smart System for Accounts Payable, if I ran into a problem, the support staff there have responded quickly and never leave you hanging till the next day. You get a live person on the line too! They are a very knowledgeable group and some of the nicest people you will encounter.”
    Yvette Bauer, Monticello School District

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