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Charter School Services
cmERDC’s Administrative Solutions Team has been providing services to charter schools since 2006. Since then we have helped many Charter Schools achieve financial stability while maintaining focus on what is ultimately important, education of students.  If you are interested in service from cmERDC for your Charter we will sit down with you and determine a level of service for your school based on your individual situation.  Here are some of the services we will provide.
Financial Management and Reporting
Work with the school administration to prepare and maintain accurate and accountable budgets.
Provide guidance on operating procedures to ensure appropriate internal controls within your organization.
Preparation of monthly financial reports tailored to your needs.
Monthly reconciliation of all bank accounts.
Ensure appropriate UFARS accounting on all transactions.  
Timely submission of UFARS file and audit reports.
Accounts Payable
Process timely payments with SMART Systems.
Assisting with internal controls by mailing checks directly to the vendors.
Ensure proper UFARS coding.
Track asset purchases using the fixed asset module with SMART Systems.
Grant Management
cmERDC will work with your schools Special Ed Director to ensure special ed expenditures are coded and reported appropriately in ERDS and SERVS.
Assist the School Administration in completing Title applications.
cmERDC will complete payment requests in SERVS once appropriate expenditures are made.
Accounts Receivable
cmERDC will record receipts for all federal and state revenues.
Local receipts will be coded and recorded when sent to cmERDC
Fiscal Year End Audit/Reporting
cmERDC will work with your Audit Firm and the school administration to ensure your financials records are in order.
cmERDC will calculate your state and federal receivables.
Prepare appropriate workpaper and schedules
Calculate and provide documentation on year end payables including salaries payable.
Complete reconciliation between SERVS/EDRS and UFARS
Fixed asset reporting
Submission of UFARS files
Payroll/Human Resource Services
cmERDC will process your payroll based on your payroll schedule.
Track expenditures related to employee benefits - Health, Life, Dental
Submit direct deposit file
Process all tax payments
Complete reporting to MN Retirement Agencies - PERA/TRA
Manage payments of garnishments
Complete quarterly and annual processing - 941s, Quarterly Wage Reporting, and W-2s
STAR Reporting