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Another reporting requirement?
SMART will help you!
UFARS reporting is simplified with our automated system close.  With a click of a button your revenue and expenditures will  close to the appropriated balance sheet accounts.   STAR Reporting within SMART will track your employee STAR assignment.  SMART will provide your School with a report of invalid assingments based on the MN Department of  Education licensure. MN UI reporting is easy because the units from payroll are automatically translated into your quarterly wage report. SMART will provide automated demographic and payperiod reporting for MN PERA and MN TRA.
Agency Reporting
SMART Systems will meet your outside agency reporting needs.  Including but not limited to 941s, W-2s, 1099s, 403b reporting and data extracts for Post Employment Benefit Reporting.
SMART has over 300 report options within the system that are built by people who understand the sort of data a Business Office or HR Department will be looking for .  With SMARTs ease of  use you will never wonder if you are getting accurate data on your reports.  In addition, many of our reports can be titled and saved for future use.  If you find one you like save it for later.  Also SMART has the ability to export directly to excel for easy data manipulation.
The COBRA module allows you to track both types of continuing health benefit processes, the termination (18 month) and Chapter 471 retiree continuing coverage. The process will create invoices and payments can be recorded and tracked in the accounts receivable system. This process will include recording any employer paid benefit contributions and will automatically calculate the end date of these health benefits.
Workers Comp FROI
The workers compensation processing for an employer will include the creation of the FROI (First Report of Injury) and the supervisor report of accident. Both of these reports would be completed online by the supervisor, then an automated notification would be sent to the HR department for follow-up.  The annual reporting of the OSHA 300 and OSHA300a forms will be generated in the software. The annual reporting of wages by category will be a report in the software, each paycode making pay in the software is mapped to an appropriate category for this annual report. The per pay period calculation of the workers compensation costs can be setup and included in the journal entry interface to the accounting system.