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“Working with individuals at cmERDC, I have witnessed their positive attitudes and immense knowledge on school finance and SMART software as they assist schools across the state with school finance operations. Their work is consistently reliable and thorough and I enjoy each opportunity to work with them.” - Kara Gaffy, CPA Audit Manager, KDV
“I would love to go on record saying that the Smart Software is very user friendly and great to work with.  But most importantly, the support you receive when you have questions is awesome.  I know that I can always get help or support.  It makes a difference, especially when you're in a time crunch.” - Carol Weber, Princeton Public Schools
“I would like to say that the many years I have been working on the Smart System for Accounts Payable, if I ran into a problem, the support staff there have responded quickly and never leave you hanging till the next day.  You get a live person on the line too!  They are a very knowledgeable group and some of the nicest people you will encounter.”
- Yvette Bauer, Monticello School District  
“We use Smart Systems in our district.  We've been extremely happy with the product The system is easy to navigate and relatively quick to learn.  The best part about using this system is the customer support.  You can send an email or make a phone call and get an almost immediate response.  We've even had CMERDC come and give onsite training and guidance for end of year closeout.  I would recommend Smart to any district.” - Jolene Bengston, Pine River Backus Schools
“Thanks for all you do for us at Isle School Dist.  It would be hard to keep up with all the new MARSS and old MARSS without your expert advice.” - Glenna Zortman, Isle Public Schools
“Our school district has used the services of the shared accountant for over 30 years.  We have always appreciated the expertise they bring, especially at year end.  I would recommend them to any school especially those that might be short staffed and need the extra eyes catching things I may have missed. “- Kathy Nelson, Finance Manager - Mora Public Schools
“I have worked with shared accountants since 1992 when I started in the Bookkeeping position.  I have went through several shared accountants and they have all been excellent.  I feel having a shared accountant come into the district approximately 6 times a year just helps to reassure me that my books are all in order for when auditors are ready to come to our district.

I have had auditors comment that my books are in order and it is so easy to audit due to the shared accountants helping with the accounting services.

I would recommend to any district to utilize the ERDC shared accountants as they have the knowledge and expertise that I just don't seem to find time to read.  They are always just a phone call away if help is needed. This is an excellent service provided by ERDC and hopefully will continue.

Thank you ERDC for all your help.” - Ann Wachlin , Office Manager - Bertha -Hewitt Schools

“Our experience with cmERDC has only been positive. The personnel are very accessible and ready to answer any questions. The assistance that we have received in organizing our finances, record keeping and reporting has benefited us greatly. I am proud to say that in 2012 we won the Minnesota Department of Education 2012 School Finance Award. This is due to the teamwork between us and cmerdc. We could not have achieved this without their help.” - Cheryl Avina, Director  - Aurora Charter School