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In this current economic climate budgeting accurately is a necessity.  SMART Systems can help you produce accurate budget information so you can make educated decisions.  Payroll expenses are the largest part of your budget so we have focused on making that an efficient process,  annual calc will do just that.  With the click of a few buttons and some training from cmERDC you can annualize all your salaries and then manipulate  amounts for contract settlement and benefit rate increases.  Once that staff budget is set you can export that data  by account code and complete the remainder of the budget.
The HR module allows you to track the licensure data by an employee. An automated import from MDE is available in the software. The employer can search this data to track the expiration dates of employee licenses and you can also search this data to determine an employee who has a specific license you are looking for. The MDE edits are available to show you where you might be out of compliance with the NCLB rules within your licensed staff.
Education & Training
The HR module allows you to track all types of training and education an employee is required to possess as an employee. The user can setup specific types of training and record the date taken and the results of the training. The continuing education tracking includes subtotals of credit with approval for training taken, and the ability to record the date a lane change was processed.
Employee Assignments
Districts will be able to dynamically create assignment records for their employees, verify these assignments to payroll distribution records and roll the assignments forward from year to year, modifying as needed.  Contracts and a Notice of Assignment will also be generated from the software.  When completed the Assignments module will include improved Seniority reporting and Budget interface capabilities.
Employee Property Assignment
SMART HR has the ability to track property assigned to employees such as building keys, cell phones, laptops and credit cards.  Property assignments will display when terminating employees to alert the district to outstanding items.
Leave of Absense Tracking
The Leaves & Non-Renewals feature allows the district to retain complete records for all types of leave, including FMLA and non-renewals of probationary teachers.  Using this feature will also trigger the appropriate demographic reports to TRA and PERA.
Time Off
The TimeOff module allows a district to track many types of leave such as sick, personal, vacation, or PTO.  The module functions independently from payroll, with options to display data in ESS or print on pay stubs.  Import capabilities also exist to import leave usage from 3rd party vendors such as timeclock or sub calling systems.
Workers Comp FROI
The workers compensation processing for an employer will include the creation of the FROI (First Report of Injury) and the supervisor report of accident. Both of these reports would be completed online by the supervisor, then an automated notification would be sent to the HR department for follow-up.  The annual reporting of the OSHA 300 and OSHA300a forms will be generated in the software. The annual reporting of wages by category will be a report in the software, each paycode making pay in the software is mapped to an appropriate category for this annual report. The per pay period calculation of the workers compensation costs can be setup and included in the journal entry interface to the accounting system.
Integration with TimeClocks Plus
TimeClock Plus enables school administrators and/or payroll management to collect and report data within seconds, rather than by using antiquated polling time clocks or punch devices.
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Integration with AESOP
SMART Sytems has unique programming with the Aesop sub calling system to send employee and sub demographic data via an automated file transfer process on a daily basis.  This eliminates the need to manually enter duplicate data in two systems.  Sub pay and employee leave usage can be exported from Aesop and imported into SMART HR, saving significant data entry time.