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Collect Accurate Employee Time and Attendance Data
Fast, Modern Data Collection
TimeClock Plus enables school administrators and/or payroll management to collect and report data within seconds, using PC’s or Remote Data Terminals rather than antiquated polling time clocks or punch devices.
Comprehensive Reporting and Control
TimeClock Plus allows schools to monitor, control and report on the important aspects of employee timekeeping while reducing the cost of overtime, administrative labor and dramatically reducing clerical mistakes.
Customize for Your Needs with Additional Modules
There are several school modules available to gain complete control of your time and attendance needs.  From substitute teacher tracking, to annualized pay, or even blended overtime rates.
Integrate with SMART HR or Export Files
The payroll process can be simplified greatly by the creation of an export file for hours worked, overtime earned, and paid leaves.  A second export file can be created to record any leave type based on your specific school’s needs.  Both files can be easily imported in SmartHR.   The outdated process of manually entering Timesheets per employee is now a thing of the past.  In addition, your employee demographic data can now be imported from SMARTHR directly to TimeClock Plus.  Key your new employee data and pay and leave codes in one place with automated feeds updating TimeClock Plus.
TimeClock Plus and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
The Benefit Status Monitor for TimeClock Plus gives employers the ability to flag employees as full-time or part-time/variable hour within the program as well as define measurement period. The software will allow managers to instantly generate reports that show how close an employee is on their hours. The report will also feature a cumulative total for hours across the measurement period, allowing managers ultimate flexibility in scheduling employees while making sure they do not go over an hourly threshold. The Benefit Status Monitor will send out regular text and e-mail alerts to managers when an employee is coming close to their hourly threshold across the week, month, or measurement period. The amount of time necessitating a report can be set on each individual employee. These alerts will allow managers to make informed decisions on the fly in regards to workforce management by ensuring that there are enough employees available while smartly managing hours to keep under the measurement threshold.